Are you planning to move somewhere else in the UK? Maybe Europe in mind? If so, then let me introduce myself. My name is Edward Raymond, but you can call me Eddie - everyone does. I am A Man With A Van, and that's what I do. If you want me to, I will show up at your door with my guys and help you make your removal a success. 

My training

I have always been in contact with removals because my dad and uncle were both in the business. I grew up seeing my dad work and as soon as I was old enough I asked if I could help him. I really liked what they did and I wanted to be a part of it. He let me do some minor things and then when I was more capable, he let me work with him. For many years I ran errands and helped relocating dozens of families, and all the time I was learning new things. After all this time, I can proudly say that I know the job and how it's done, and I also know how to teach my guys to do it the right way.

I love my job and I always make my best to provide the best service to anyone who trusts me. If you want my help, you can count on me, my people and my van.

What I do

I take charge of everything concerning your goods. My team and I know a lot about how to transport anything and get it to destination with no hassle and no harm. We have been wrapping and cushioning things for a long time, so we will do a great job with all your goods. You can provide your own packing and wrapping material if you want, or if you prefer we will bring our own stuff, all top quality, and get to work from day one. 



We provide a schedule and we deliver on time. When we arrive to your new home, we will also mind all unloading and unpacking. We will get everything organized and in place before you can say "Good Job Eddie!". 

What's my area?

I work UK wide, so wherever you are in the United Kingdom you can be sure me and my van will be there for you. Also, if you want to go abroad or come from there, I have partners in many countries of Europe, so I can be of help there too. Call me if you are planning a removal and I will tell you more about my services. 

You can read testimonials of people I've worked for before and you will see that they love my service. I always try to do my best because I honestly love my job, and after all these years doing the thing I can say that I know the tricks and tips to this and I can do it the best way possible, so call me and let's get started!