How Best to Transport Items under 10 Kilos

If you do not want to queue for Postal services, you can opt to look for a self-service kiosk in an area near you. You can simply go there, check your item’s weight -if you must, write a label, put it on your item and put the item into the slot. You will be through in a short time.

There are other tips for the same, but in my opinion, automated kiosks for postal services are the best option, in addition to private shipping companies such as DHL The moment you start using these automated kiosks, you will have no desire to look for another service. There are, nonetheless, a number of cost-effective shipping options you can choose from.

How to Easily Receive and Send Mail through the Post Office

Postal Services have a number of inexpensive mailing services. They also offer daily home delivery services. 

 Standard Post

This service was previously called Parcel Post.  It is least expensive shipping tier offered by the Postal Service.  It is perhaps even the cheapest method for shipping two items or less, or for few items being shipped infrequently. Domestically shipped items take between2 and 8 days before getting to the receiver. There are neither bells no whistles in this case, but this post can be used for shipping confirmation, return receipts, insurance among other options The services attract an additional expense.

 First Class 

This is the standard method of shipping letters and envelopes. It is applicable also for other packages. For items that qualify be shipped using this method, this is perhaps the fastest (1-3 days) and cheapest method. Unfortunately, qualifying first class items must be 13 ounces and below. Larger packages are unacceptable. This is the best solution, due to its cost, for shipping qualifying packages.

Priority Mail 

This can be used by people who need fast yet cheap sipping, or by those who do their shipping often. Packages shipped through priority mail are delivered after 2 to 3 days.  This service even offers a map which helps you know when you should expect your item to be delivered.  The flat rate for priority mailing is fixed, regardless of the item that is being shipped. However, lighter items, which may cost lower than the flat rate, do not enjoy that privilege; the flat rate is not cheap for all items. 

You can create an online account with the Postal serve, which you can use to print labels for mailing, receiving shipping material at your home, and sending the mail carrier to mail them, when they come to your house. This method is quite convenient, especially for people who ship packages often. You can ship your packages without leaving your house. You can combine First Class or Priority mailing with another service to get proof that the mail was received, that it was shipped or for proof of insurance.

Media Mail

This is convenient when shipping posters, textbooks, magazines, educational media, documents or optical media such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray. Media mail helps you ship such material in a short time. This shipping service is meant for educational materials, for papers only and for other discs. It is a cheap method of shipping, and it takes between 2 and 8 days for an item to be delivered. There are digital media that cannot be shipped using this service, such as USB keys and hard drives. Media mail services are also choosy on the packaging that can be used in shipping your items. The bottom line is; Media Mail is a convenient, reliable yet cheap method for shipping software, documents, textbooks and other books.

For items that are meant to be shipped outside the country, you can use First Class international mail service, First class international package services or Priority international mail services. These are the international equivalents of the shipping methods named above. They are cheap but slow; they take between 6 and 10 days. 

Save your Packing Materials and Purchase Other Material in Bulk

You must ensure the items you intend to ship are carefully packed, the method of shipping you have chosen notwithstanding. It is upon you to ensure the items are delivered without being harmed. The three main carrier services allow you to directly order shipping materials from them, inclusive of label sleeves with the promise that your packages will be handle carefully, and boxes. This is a great service, but you can save more money by making your purchase in bulk, at the postal office store near you. You can buy your supplies there, or order them online. This way, you can get the same amount of boxes and sleeves you would have gotten from a Postal service office or a FedEx/Kinkos, but at a cheaper price.