Shipping To Australia From Ireland

Moving from Ireland to Australia

Are you looking for a great place with amazing jobs, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and a climate that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Well, there is no need to look further. Australia is just the place for you. Australia offers a relaxed lifestyle and so many other benefits to make you feel right at home in Australia. Over the years, many Irish have migrated to Australia and here are a few of the reasons why:


Beautiful/Clean Environment

There is so much that is beautiful and clean in Australia. In addition, with a temperate climate, you can enjoy the warm and dry summers. 

Great work/life balance 

The balance between work and life is great in Australia with equal amount of time for work, family and social and recreational activities. 

While Ireland is beautiful in its own way, Australia has so much more to offer those who are looking to relocate there whether for work, study or family.

Shipping from Ireland to Australia


How Best to Transport Items under 10 Kilos

If you do not want to queue for Postal services, you can opt to look for a self-service kiosk in an area near you. You can simply go there, check your item’s weight -if you must, write a label, put it on your item and put the item into the slot. You will be through in a short time.

There are other tips for the same, but in my opinion, automated kiosks for postal services are the best option, in addition to private shipping companies such as DHL The moment you start using these automated kiosks, you will have no desire to look for another service. There are, nonetheless, a number of cost-effective shipping options you can choose from. Read More...